Executive Committee

Xiangmin Xu, PhD
Professor, Anatomy and Neurobiology

Our research program focuses on neural circuit mechanisms that underlie visual perception, learning and memory, and cognition.  Our newest direction is to apply our neural circuit findings towards treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Rozanne Sandri-Goldin, PhD
Chancellor’s Professor and Chair, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

The studies in my lab are focused on a multifunctional regulatory protein of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) termed ICP27. We are directing our studies toward a structural analysis of ICP27 and the creation of targeted mutations to determine the structure-function of ICP27 interactions.

Todd Holmes, PhD
Professor and Vice Chair, Physiology and Biophysics

My laboratory has developed pioneering approaches for understanding neural circuits and whole animal behavior. We focus on unraveling the functional operations of neurons in vivo with the goal of understanding integrative neural function from ... molecules to behavior. Recently, we have discovered novel phototransduction mechanisms that occur directly in neurons that rapidly modulate electrical excitability. Other recent projects include modeling human neurodegenerative diseases using Drosophila as a model system.

Bert Semler, PhD
Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

RNA virus gene expression; RNA-protein and protein-protein interactions; mechanisms of replication of picornavirus genomic RNAs; mechanisms of translation initiation for viral and cellular mRNA

Zoran Nenadic, DSc
Professor and Chair, BME, School of Engineering

Neuroengineering (brain-computer interfaces, multisensor extracellular recording); Biomedical signal processing and pattern recognition (supervised and unsupervised signal detection and classification); Large-scale in silico biological neural network models; Biomedical devices and sensors.

Alex Nicolau, PhD
Professor and Chair, Computer Science, School of Information and Computer Science

Research interests: Software, Compilers, Supercomputing, EDA, Parallel Processing

Qing Nie, PhD
Chancellor’s Professor, Mathematics and Dev. & Cell Biology. Director, The NSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate Research

Computational single-cell genomics, Systems Biology, Machine-learning, Network Inference, Multiscale Modeling