Viral Production Facility

Our Center members will have priority access to CNCM shared resources and core services (including viral production core facility services, single cell genomics service, imaging service, bio-statistical consultation, software application and development). Most of them will be on a reasonable recharge basis.

Our viral production facility aims at aiding investigators in the development and production of viral vectors for in-vivo and in-vitro experimentation purposes. Our state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our expertise allows us to ensure high quality products. We will provide all related sequence data, vector maps, plasmids and ready-to-use viruses once your orders are completed. Expect a lead time for new AAVs for ~6-8 weeks in light of the current situation.

We currently employ several stable cell lines, but are more than happy to accommodate any specific cell lines provided by a research group, so feel free to contact us to better serve your viral-making needs.

If you would like to place orders, please check the investigator order form and contact us.

Service Manager: Michele Wu

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