Biostatistical Consultation:

Faculty Lead: Zhaoxia Yu, PhD (Associate Professor, Statistics)

Neuroscientists have increasing needs to improve statistical plans for multi-disciplinary experiments towards scientific discoveries. Our Center experts can guide practical applications of statistics in neuroscience, including what types of research questions statistics are best positioned to address, modeling paradigms, and exploratory data analysis.

We provide the following services to our CNCM members and collaborators:

  • Statistical design for new studies:
    • Provide optimal experimental designs
    • Determine sample sizes
    • Conduct power analysis
    • Participate in preparing and writing grant proposals
  • Statistical data analysis and inference:
    • Perform data quality control
    • Provide data visualization and summary
    • Conduct interim and final analysis
  • Scientific presentation, reports, and manuscripts:
    • Interpret statistical results
    • Help prepare reports
    • Participate in manuscript writing

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